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Standout Marketing for Your Engineering Firm

Stop being "just another firm" in the market...

Stand out from the crowd.

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On-Call Proposal Coordination

Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Training for Technical & Marketing Professionals

Getting lost in the sea of dozens of other similar firms is losing you revenue.

Stop being "just another firm" in the market. Stand out from the crowd.

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Let our experienced AEC staff help you

Grow your firm

Be Remembered By Your Clients

Stand Out From the Crowd

As previous engineering firm employees, we know how it feels to compete with so many other similar engineering firms.

We bring:

Combined 30+ years in the engineering industry

Both technical and marketing expertise

Client successes from California to Pennsylvania

How It Works

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Get Your Standout Marketing Done For You

On-Call Proposal Coordination

From kickoff meetings and contacting teaming partners to a-ma-zing layouts and assembling your final deliverable...we add invaluable expertise into your entire proposal process. 

Social Media Marketing & Strategy

You can shake more hands virtually than in person. We provide strategy and clear direction so you can increase your relationship with prospective clients and teaming partners through website updates, email marketing and a stronger online presence.

Training for Technical & Marketing Professionals

Specialized and on-demand training/coaching by experienced marketers and technical managers about proposal writing and coordination, virtual marketing, & AEC sales.

Stop Getting Lost In the Crowd and Start Winning

At DOTomation Consulting, we know you want to be a successful, growing AEC firm.

In order to do that, you need to win more work. The problem is you're lost in the sea of competitors and don't stand out to prospective clients, which makes you feel unsuccessful and stressed.

We believe your firm deserves to win more work. 

We know what it feels like to compete against so many other firms, which is why we offer proposal coordination, social media marketing services and training done for you by successful, experienced engineering technical and marketing professionals.

Here's how we do it:

1. Request a meeting

2. Hand off a marketing project to us

3. Enjoy your increased chance of success!

So, request a meeting. And let us help you stand out in your market.

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