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Showcasing Your Firm As The Hero is Losing You Work

Proposals. Websites. Marketing collateral. Blog posts.

They all have one thing in common...they're all about you and your firm, right? Showcasing your expertise and your solutions and your longevity as a's your time to shine! And this will help you win more clients! Right? Hello...this is right, isn't it?



Why you're not the Hero of your client's story

As a marketer, I look at tons of marketing content to study what's working so I can use the information to help our clients. One simple concept embraced by author Donald Miller has successfully stood out to me for the last few years: story engages and compels people. And story is the best way to gain more clients.

But, we must know two things to gain more clients:

  1. Which story is the most important to tell, and
  2. What our role is in that story

According to Miller's book, "Building a Storybrand", the two key players in a story are the Hero and the Guide. The Hero is the one going through the problem...

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